These are things created by or directly involving FTB

Skys Of Glass Edit

Created by Dan, SOG is the story of a boy and his dog

Setting Edit

Post Apoc stuff

System Edit

SOG is based on 2d16 because Dan like it obscure.

Epoc of Rysos (Danverse) Edit


Setting Edit

The year was 2101 and war was raging.

System Edit

Its based on rolling Unicron and seeing which side end on top.

War Pig Radio (WRPG) Edit

Fueled by banana flavored zingers War Pig is the product of derp and derp.

To learn more about Pulp Gamer Media, go here: [link goes here]

Origins Edit

War Pig began as a lucid dream Dan and Ed had after taking 'shrooms.

Purpose Edit

To get hot groupies who will let them sign their tits.

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