These are regular or semi regular events and get-togethers of Fear the Con members.

Meetups Edit

World Wide Wing Night Edit

World Wide Wing Night or W3N is an international event that occurs at least once a year where FtB community members (Booters) get together and enjoy an evening of drink, wings or other food on hand. An official W3N happens each year the night before the opening of Fear the Con in St Louis, MO.  Additional W3Ns can be put together as popular demand dictates.  While St Louis serves as the primary venue for the event, Booters are encouraged to host their own unofficial W3N celebrations in their own communities, either concurrently with the primary event or completely separate.  Satellite W3N have happened in as disparate venues as Seattle (WA), Toronto (ON), Jacksonville (FL), and Amsterdam.

GenCon Edit

Held in Indianapolis, IN, its is unofficially referred to within the FtB community as Fear The Con: Indy.  This is the largest gaming convention in the nation, stretching across four full days of gaming goodness and hosting close to 30,000 gamers.  Within the much larger convention, the FtB community has organized to host their own unofficial exclusive events.  These events may include pickup games, getting together for drinks, large community dinners, "live" episodes of the podcast, or any other reason to gather together and socialize.  Organizing these events are The Official Fear the Boot Communication Hubs, or TOFtBCHs for short, consisting of locals to Indianapolis, ZeikeCopperEyes and Ender_Melchior, and not so local but equally devoted fan, GrungyDan.

Fear the Con Edit

The true greatest days in gaming, Held in St Louis, MO, Fear the Con (FtC) is the official convention of the Fear the Boot community.  Traditionally held in early or mid March, it avoids the competition of convention season and lines up fairly well with people's Spring vacations.  While fairly small when compared to other conventions, it pulls people from across the nation and beyond.  Attendance for 2008 and 2009 both stood at around 120 attendees, mostly consisting of members of the forum community.

History Edit

Back in the death throes of the year, 2007, Great Leader Dan and Great Leader Chad were brainstorming on how they could possibly become more awesome.  They thought long and hard on this conundrum with the assistance of vast quantities of alcohol, until suddenly they discovered the Truth.  They must hold a convention.  Thus it was said, and thus it was.  And so it was, in the great year of 2008, in the midst of March, Fear the Con I came upon the world, and the world trembled.

Special Events Edit

"Live" Episode Recording

- Audience participation for the WIN!

Comedian Mikey Mason

- A real comedian for the WIN!

Fear the Fruit/Froot

- Healthy eating and regularity for the WIN!

Other stuff I can't think of Edit

Derp derp derp

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