Dan is the primary host and founder of Fear the Boot.  He was born October 28 197# and grew up in the South County area of Saint Louis.  Around Grade 6, Dan met Chad and the two formed a bond that would grow into a life-long friendship. 

FTB Stats[edit | edit source]

First appearance: Episode 1; 15, May, 2006
Total appearances: All episodes except 20 and 66.

Gamer Cred[edit | edit source]

Favorite Systems[edit | edit source]

Dan has a well known love of Battletech, FASA Star Trek, and more Battletech.  Less known though is that he also has a soft spot for Forgotten Realms as a fully developed world for him to expand upon. 

GMed/Played Most[edit | edit source]

Dan is a self described "Career GM".  He has both GMed and played in many games over the years, but he is most happy when taking the GM reins and using them to craft a deep story of intrigue.  In a Dan run game, with the exception of Transformers, there is no clear cut good and evil.  Everyone NPC is a fully crafted character with their own motivations and reasons for doing what they are doing.  Players are often presented with situations where every option seems to have consequences to push them into making the hard choices.  There is typically a non-combat way out of every situation and since every NPC has a reason for what they are doing the players have many options about who they will side with.  

Homebrews[edit | edit source]

Dan has created multiple homebrew game systems and settings over the years.  The two most notable are a Science Fiction setting called Epoch of Rysos that has affectionately been nicknamed Danverse and  a post-apocalyptic game called Skies of Glass.  In addition to these unique settings, Dan was also inspired by the lack of an official Transfomers RPG to create one using the stats on the back of the toy boxes from the 80s.        

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Competed with Chris for the love of a Maurader Mech
  • Owns a shotgun to chase off cougars.
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